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Pressure Washing

  Kennedy Fence + Deck Offers Pressure Washing and Fence Cleaning Services.

There are many things around the house and yard that a homeowner just stops noticing. A deck or fence that has grown green or gray moss and fungus over time is one of those things that you likely do not notice until it has been there a while. Meanwhile, if you are entertaining or attempting to sell your home, it may be an eyesore that is immediately noticed by new guests. If you have suddenly noticed your fence does not look like it did the last time you really looked at it, give us a call to schedule fence cleaning services with the areas premier fence and deck builder, Kennedy Fence + Deck, we service the areas yards with fence and deck repair, pressure washing, and installation.

Do not fret, most fence discoloration can be addressed with the right tools and a bit of energy. We can likely turn your fence into a new looking yard feature in just 24-48 hours. We also offer stain services and repairs if needed. We would love to come out and look at what you are dealing with and then make your fence look like new with our experience and equipment. Ask about our deck repair services as well to improve the overall appearance and safety of another section of your home. Regular fence cleaning, pressure washing as needed, and staining can keep your property looking pristine, address any pet security issues you may not notice, and prolong the life of your fence. We can schedule your appointment by phone or online and keep social distancing during the job and payment process to keep your family and ours safe while still accomplishing business and home improvement goals.

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