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Deck Repair

Now Is the Time For Deck Repair and Cleaning With Kennedy Fence + Deck

We are spending more and more time at home, and as the weather is heating up more people are focusing on yard projects to improve their time spent. We offer efficient deck repair and deck cleaning services to help you upgrade your outdoor space in a short amount of time. If you are ready to relax in the fresh air and watch your garden spring forth this season give us a call soon to schedule your deck repair or cleaning. Our cleaning and repair service is fast, effective, and you can trust in the quality because we have all the supplies and experience from our deck building and installation services.

You may be surprised at the fact that we can do large and small deck repairs. If it is small damage from an event or overall damage from entropy over time we will quickly assess the situation, give you a fair quote and time frame, then get to work turning your dangerous eyesore into the safe attractive backyard oasis you once enjoyed. We can also add on sections with custom deck installation, add a fence for increased privacy, or stain your deck to look better and last longer. Ask us about our services if you want more than a simple deck repair. Remember no job is too large or small. Our services can help improve your time spent in your yard or increase your home's curb appeal over just a few days. If you are on a deadline due to a home showing with a real estate agent, or a backyard party you are planning in a month then let us know and we will try to impress you with our timely services. Most repair or deck cleaning contracts take between 24-48 hours to accomplish so call today.

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