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Custom Decks

  Kennedy Fence + Deck Is Skilled and Creative When It Comes To Installing Custom Decks.

Custom decks are one way to truly personalize and upgrade your home. A custom deck is designed to meet all of your needs as a family. Do you know about a section of your yard with too much garish afternoon sun that needs to be avoided or shaded? How about the location of the best sunset and sunrise views? Let us know when we come by to discuss your custom deck installation and you will end up with a deck that is the ultimate relaxing and family zone and perfectly personalized to your needs. We can take your pets into consideration with staggered zones for easy climbing, or even room for a custom dog house underneath. No matter your decking needs we can help you achieve your backyard goals this summer.

Deck installation by the pros will make you wonder why you did not upgrade your yard sooner. We help turn outdoor space into an extension of your living space indoors. A quality deck can make you feel like you are in a whole new home by opening up a new area of your current home to regular use. Many people call their deck their private oasis, even if it is out the back door because it is easy to get away from it all and stare at nature or the night sky when there is a comfortable and safe place just outside your home. From home to pool connections, simple rectangle decks outside the door, interesting shaped add-on, multilayered step decks across the yard and so much more, call us at Kennedy Fence + Deck to learn about your options and discuss your current deck plans and dreams.

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